Fun for all Family

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Where friends and families
can learn about the Roman Empire while enjoying a fun competitive game for all ages and stroll through gardens containing hundreds of species of trees, plants and bushes.


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Via Áppia, with its 18 holes of Crazygolf dedicated to the history of the Roman Empire, the largest empire in the West.


Via Lusitânia, with its 18 holes of Superminigolf, is dedicated to the history of the Roman occupation in the Iberian Peninsula.

Family golf park

Europe’s best
mini-golf course

Two separate 18-hole courses, one Adventure other Crazygolf designed especially with families in mind: 10,000 m2 of gardens and over 200 species of plants and bushes. Culture and history with the description of the Roman Empire’s time in the Iberian Peninsula.




We believe that our customers should have the first say about the Family Golf Park and their comments on social media help us learn and improve every day.
Please leave a comment about your visit, either in the book available at Reception or on social media.
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Leader Board

Via Áppia

Star *****

Paulo Cunha
Vasco Paixão
Alan Philpot

Pro ***

Pedro Crisosto
Jack Mccormack
Kev Wilson
Lorraine Phillips

Silver *

Ian Kennedy
Connor Clarke
Diogo Fonseca

Via Lusitânia

Star *****

Eleonor L.
Andy Greaves

Pro ***

Yan Mikirtumov
Kal Bennett
Steve Ball
Jack Mccormack

Silver *

Noreen Donofrio
Jake Quinn
Ian Kennedy
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