Who will you find?

Family Golf Park is delighted to introduce you our team, who will be available on your visit.
Our mission is to exceed customer expectations during their visit to the Park. With the premise of values of Tradition, Ethics, Solidity and Excellence, we always aim to make our customers experience unique and unforgettable.

Julio Hopffer

“Helping the whole team, and therefore the FGP, achieving their goals of excellence”

Tiago Coelho

“It’s rewarding when we work to achieve high standards of quality and excellence and they are daily recognized, especially by our visitors”

António Baltazar

“It’s a pleasure working at Minigolf, a pleasant place where families are happy”

Vera Rodrigues

“In these 15 years old of work, I have gained a lot of experience, met excellent colleagues and spectacular clients”

Maria João

“To achieve the highlight, we always try to be different for excellence”

Paulo Roberto

“FGP, a place where I feel so good, is priceless”

Claudio Souza

“My responsibility in the team has been maintaining the garden for the last eight years. It has been a good experience, in a happy and familiar work environment. No less important are our customers, who either in person or through social networks, convey us good energy and recognition. It’s a commitment to make every day better. ”

Ana Vieira

“It’s great when we do what we like, and I like working at FGP. I feel like my second family. On the other hand, every effort I make to perform my work with quality and excellence has always been recognized by both, the company and our clients. ”


Leader Board

Via Áppia

Star *****

Paulo Cunha
Vasco Paixão
Alan Philpot

Pro ***

Pedro Crisosto
Jack Mccormack
Kev Wilson
Lorraine Phillips

Silver *

Ian Kennedy
Connor Clarke
Diogo Fonseca

Via Lusitânia

Star *****

Eleonor L.
Andy Greaves

Pro ***

Yan Mikirtumov
Kal Bennett
Steve Ball
Jack Mccormack

Silver *

Noreen Donofrio
Jake Quinn
Ian Kennedy