Turistic Train

Kids in the Algarve

Explore Vilamoura aboard the tourist train that will take you to the marvellous Falésia and Marina beaches.
Ride around the main places in the resort on a trip that takes an hour to complete and is sure to be unforgettable. And if you buy a one-, three- or seven-day ticket, you can use our train as a means of getting around Vilamoura, so you can enjoy your holiday without having to drive or worry about where you’re going to park the car.
There is a train stop right at the mini-golf course. Show your train ticket for a discount on the cost of a round.

1 Route


  • 1/2 Route 2.50€
  • Daily Pass 4.99€
  • 3-Days Pass 12.99€
  • 7-Days Pass 17.99€
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(+65 years) 1 Route


  • 1/2 Route 2.00€
  • Daily Pass 4.49€
  • 3-Days Pass 9.99€
  • 7-Days Pass 14.99€
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(0-5 YEARS) 1 Route


  • 1/2 Route Free
  • Daily Pass Free
  • 3-Days Pass Free
  • 7-Days Pass Free
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(6-11 YEARS) 1 Route


  • 1/2 Route 1.50€
  • Daily Pass 2.99€
  • 3-Days Pass 7.99€
  • 7-Days Pass 13.99€
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Come to our mini golf park and discover Vilamoura in our Family Tourist Train Come visit us today.

See the train schedule and rout map below.


Leader Board

Via Áppia

Star *****

Paulo Cunha
Vasco Paixão
Alan Philpot

Pro ***

Pedro Crisosto
Jack Mccormack
Kev Wilson
Lorraine Phillips

Silver *

Ian Kennedy
Connor Clarke
Diogo Fonseca

Via Lusitânia

Star *****

Eleonor L.
Andy Greaves

Pro ***

Yan Mikirtumov
Kal Bennett
Steve Ball
Jack Mccormack

Silver *

Noreen Donofrio
Jake Quinn
Ian Kennedy
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