The best

Minigolf Prices

We have the best Minigolf prices in Algarve.
For each adult ticket bought get a free one for a child up to 5 years old.
Buy online with 15% discount.

1 Course Adventure Classic Minigolf or Crazygolf (18 holes each)


  • 2 Courses 19€
  • Both Courses
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(0-5 years)* 1 Course Adventure Classic Minigolf or Crazygolf (18 holes each)


  • 2 Courses Free
  • Both Courses
  • *Limited to one child per adult.
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(6-12 years) 1 Course Adventure Classic Minigolf or Crazygolf (18 holes each)


  • 2 Courses 15€
  • Both Courses
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With the purchase of the two courses you will be able to play the second on the next 15 days.
Discount for groups, ask for infomation at the reception.

Buy online with 15% discount.


*Last entry’s for 18th Holes 1 hour before it closing.

1st February up to 31st March

10am to 6pm

1st April up to 30th June

10am to 7pm

1st July up to 16th July

10am to 00am

17th July up to 31st August

10am to 01am

1st September up to 10th September

10am to 00am

11th September up to 28th October

10am to 19pm

29th October up to 20th November

10am to 18pm

From 21st November

Closed for maintenance


Leader Board

Via Áppia

Star *****

Paulo Cunha
Vasco Paixão
Alan Philpot

Pro ***

Pedro Crisosto
Jack Mccormack
Kev Wilson
Lorraine Phillips

Silver *

Ian Kennedy
Connor Clarke
Diogo Fonseca

Via Lusitânia

Star *****

Eleonor L.
Andy Greaves

Pro ***

Yan Mikirtumov
Kal Bennett
Steve Ball
Jack Mccormack

Silver *

Noreen Donofrio
Jake Quinn
Ian Kennedy
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